SoundCloud Makes Its Streams Sound Worse  [LINK]
SoundCloud users have accused the music streaming service from lowering the quality of its audio streams. SoundCloud stands accused of switching from streaming 128 kbps MP3s to 64 kbps Opus files. Which, at first sight, looks like a terrible decision... [Read More]
To fix SoundCloud, it must become the anti-Spotify  [LINK]
 Startups die by suicide, not competition. It wasn’t that anyone was stealing SoundCloud’s underground rappers, bedroom remixers and garage bands. SoundCloud stumbled because it neglected these hardcore loyalists as it wrongly s... [Read More]
5 Free SoundCloud Apps to Stream, Discover, or Download Music  [LINK]
SoundCloud often flies below the radar of streaming music services. But if you like listening to songs online for free, it’s as good an option as YouTube. And with the right apps, maybe even better. It’s a misconception that SoundCloud is... [Read More]