5 Fitness Challenges to Lose Weight and Get Healthy  [LINK]
A large portion of new year’s resolutions revolves around health and fitness. Participating in a 30-day challenge is an excellent way to get started on your goals while getting the guidance you need. These tests target different types of needs,... [Read More]
Mapbox acquires augmented reality activity tracking app Fitness AR  [LINK]
 Open-source mapping platform Mapbox has acquired activity tracking app Fitness AR, which allows users to view runs, hikes or cycling routes from Strava superimposed on a 3D map of the terrain. Read More... [Read More]
Fed Up With Fitbit? 5 Unique Fitness Trackers You Should Consider  [LINK]
Fitbit truly helped bring activity and fitness tracking into the mainstream consciousness. Thanks to the wide variety of easy-to-use devices from the pioneering brand, anyone with a smartphone can take a big step on the journey to a healthier lifestyle, as long as you ask the right questions. But let’s face it, as with any piece of technology, you may suffer buyer’s remorse down the ro... [Read More]