3DRudder Review: Can This Foot Controller Solve the Problem of VR Motion Sickness? (And Giveaway!)  [LINK]
Our verdict of the 3DRudder:Perfect for slower-paced flying experiences like Google Earth, where it feels like an entirely natural way to interact with the world. 710The VR community is split right down the middle, between those who enjoy the fu... [Read More]
Blackboard Ally Available to Help Faculty Make Digital Course Content More Accessible  [LINK]
University faculty members have a new tool for providing students with accessible course documents. Blackboard Ally, an accessibility plugin, will be integrated into all Syracuse University courses in Blackboard starting in the 2018 spring semester. Faculty can request that Ally be turned on in their courses now instead of waiting for the start of the semester. Blackboard Ally is a course content ... [Read More]
Colorblind Windows Users: Try This Trick to Better Distinguish Colors  [LINK]
The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brought with it a ton of new features and settings that aim to make your life a little easier. One small but significant change to the OS comes in handy for any Windows users who have one of several diffe... [Read More]
Microsoft Will End Final Free Windows 10 Upgrade Program On December 31  [LINK]
The official free upgrade offer has been over for more than a year, but now Microsoft is ending the final workaround that let you get Windows 10 by telling a little white lie. The post Microsoft Will End Final Free Windows 10 Upgrade Program On Decem... [Read More]
How to Open Files/Folders With Only One Click in Windows  [LINK]
Yes, we know opening files and folders on Windows isn’t a particularly taxing endeavor. A quick double-click and you’re in. If you struggle to double-click fast enough, you can change the speed by going to Settings > Devices > ... [Read More]
How to Turn Off Annoying Sounds in Microsoft Office 2016  [LINK]
Alerts and notifications can be useful, but too many and you eventually enter annoying territory. Productivity-boosting sounds include new email tones and upcoming event chimes in Outlook. Most everything else falls into the unwanted category. Sound cues are an Ease of Access feature in Microsoft Office 2016, which means you can turn them off if you deem them unnecessary. This is tr... [Read More]
3 Ways to Read Text Out Loud on Android  [LINK]
If you want to multitask, one thing you can try is to get your Android device to read text out loud to you — that way your eyes can be busy doing something else. It’s even more helpful if your vision is going and you have a hard time focusing on digital screen text. Here are three easy ways to do that. 1. Google Assistant Android’s Google Assistant can do quite a bit, but one thi... [Read More]