Inspirational NFL 'solidarity' ad airs Sunday  [LINK]
The National Football League re-aired a one-minute advertisement about football's power to unite people on Sunday night's game broadcast.  The ad, which as originally produced for this year's super bowl, was re-aired this week in response to President Donald Trump's renewed criticism... [Read More]
Singers Meghan Linsey and Rico Lavelle both take a knee  [LINK]
Two singers who performed the national anthem at Sunday's football games took a knee during their performances. In Detroit, singer Rico Lavelle dropped to his right knee, bowed his head and raised his right fist wrapped around the microphone. He took a knee at the word 'brave'. The Detroit... [Read More]
Fan's billboard attacks NFL, Chargers near team's new home  [LINK]
Returning to the Los Angeles area after 55 years in San Diego, the Chargers will play their home opener this Sunday at a temporary stadium where fans can see a billboard slamming the team and league's lack of 'loyalty.'  'No Freaking Loyalty,' reads the electronic billboard positioned... [Read More]
Maryland school bans students from wearing Redskins gear  [LINK]
A Maryland school has banned its students from wearing Washington Redskins apparel over claims that it's 'racist'. Neal Brown, the head of Green Acres School in North Bethesda, has asked parents to not send their children in with any gear that bears the NFL's team name or logo. In a letter... [Read More]